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From me to you with Love
Hello, & welcome to Omm FIT!

My name is Rebecca & I am a Mum of two young boys. I live in Perth, W.A. & I am a Maltese-Australian. Did you know, that Omm in Maltese means Mother?

I founded Omm FIT in-between having my sons. Here is some of my story...

Eight weeks after the birth of my first son, in December 2016, I decided to do something that was good for my physical fitness and mental health, & that would support my post-natal recovery; something for me. I had some major family issues to work through right after giving birth to my son so I needed to make sure I was strong enough in body & mind to handle those issues in order to do what was best for him & for my family.
Even before having children I’d always intended to be a good role model for them. I wanted them to know the importance of looking after & loving yourself. So I set out to be a role model, & it started by doing something small for myself but massive for my recovery  & wellbeing.

I joined a hydrotherapy class & a Mum-&-Bub fitness class & was on the road to feeling fabulous about myself in my new stretched out skin! But at both classes I noticed that the basic needs of post-natal & nursing mothers  were grossly neglected.

I don’t remember which came first, but I can recall the moment it dawned on me at each class...

I remember struggling after every Mum-&-Bub class to lift my tight and sweaty sports crop up and over my breast in order to make myself available to breastfeed my son.  My breasts were uncomfotably squashed and I used to spray my son in the face with milk...oops! Not ideal, right?

I noticed another mum struggling with the same difficulties, and thought to myself, “If only there were sports crops that allowed us to breastfeed our babies!”

I remember sitting poolside at a hydrotherapy session. I was in my one-piece swimsuit breastfeeding my son. Most of the other mothers there were doing the same. All of us, including myself, where wearing regular swimwear which meant we needed to stretch the shoulder straps over our shoulders and roll our arms through, in order to make ourselves available to breastfeed - particularly difficult in a clingy wet swimsuit!

I thought to myself, “Why isn’t anyone here wearing swimwear that allows us to breastfeed our babies?”

It was evident that there was a gap in the market for activewear and swimwear for breastfeeding mothers.

I went home and searched online for these products but found practically nothing. There was a heap of maternity activewear and maternity swimwear made to fit a growing bump, but none that catered for mothers who wanted to invest in their post-natal health & fitness after having a baby. It was like this segment of the market had been overlooked.

Regular activewear & swimwear, or maternity activewear and swimwear just weren’t practical or comfortable while breastfeeding, or for a changing post-natal body. So I decided to do something about it.

So you can see, the Omm FIT philosophy THINK.DO.BE. is no accident. It is an adaptation of my personal mantra. And I truly beleive that investing in our health & wellbeing as mothers, we are in turn investing in the health & wellbeing of our children. You can't pour from an empty cup. Being a happy, healthy, strong person is key to bringing up happy, healthy & strong kids. And it starts by taking the right steps to loving and taking care of yourself!
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