The Origin of Omm - Supporting & empowering everyday Mums every day during their post-natal recovery & fitness journey.

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Think. Do. Be.
Omm FIT is an activewear retailer specialising in nursing & post-natal activewear for Mothers.

Omm FIT beleive that investing in our health and wellbeing as mothers, we are in turn investing in the health and wellbeing of our children. And that is why Omm FIT are all about supporting & empowering everday Mums, every day.

Our activewear is designed to make life easier for Mums, because motherhood can be hard enough as it is! We design & manufacture post-natal activewear to support & empower Mums to achieve their post-natal fitness & recovery goals, whilst being able to feed bub, as well as feel supported & confident.

We got you, Mumma!

At Omm FIT our philosophy is THINK. DO. BE. If you can THINK it you can DO it, and if you DO it soon enough you will BE it. So whatever your idea or desire, take action & you will become it. Be the Mum you want to be. Be happy. Be healthy. Be strong. Be fierce. And most importabtly, back yourself!

Omm means Mother
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Activewear for Nursing & Post-Natal Mums
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